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Sales of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ shows that consumer confidence still strong

Samsung new flagship phone has arrived and is making a big splash in the mobile market. Pre-orders of the S8 and the S8+ (slightly larger version) rose 30% over its predecessor the S7. This is big for Samsung considering the … Continue reading

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Sprint add $10 Premium Data Fee

If you are using a smart phone with Sprint PCS, get ready¬†for a premium data fee of $10. ¬†Sprint announced in their newsletter that all smartphones will now require a premium data fee of $10 per smartphone. The fee was … Continue reading

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My First Android Phone

Smart phones are basically mini computers in your pocket; it is very convenient to have a phone that can do almost everything your computer can do. With smart phones you can also hold personal and confidential information, such as pictures, … Continue reading

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